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Since reading all the articles pertaining to the Supreme Court decision regarding the sale of video games, I have come to the conclusion that we are on our own as parents. Forget about any protection for your children from outside the home. The innocence of children is an old fashion idea. The Court and video game industry believes children should be exposed to explicit violence, sex & racism. The Supreme Court says violent video games do not do any harm to children. What about the I.U. neurological research that shows brain damage? Our children should be allowed to see and interact with the raping of girls? They should be allowed to play in sexually explicit scenes? They should be allowed to participate in vicious, racist attacks? It is there right after all! (According to the Supreme Court) All of this soon to be in 3-D so it is even more real! Are these the ideas we want children to experience? And finally, what stops an 8/9/10 year old boy/girl from renting and buying these violent/sex/racist video games?

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