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One of the differences of video games of the past versus video games of today is the realistic graphics that they use.  It is amazing what a big screen television and a modern day gaming system can produce.  When you are beating someone with a baseball bat, or raping an innocent woman, it is not a stick figure, it is very realistic.  Since we have such great technology we can see some wonderful things, but we can also see what kind of destructive qualities it can bring as well.

The gaming industry has provided us with positive entertainment in many forms, one of them being sports games. Kids as well as adults can feel as though they are playing on the big screen, which can leave a child feeling successful and positive, despite their true athletic ability.

However, the gaming industry can’t just leave it at that, they have to include a secret code that would allow the player to watch a strip show by the cheerleaders.  With the realistic graphics of today, it’s an all too realistic temptation for adolescents, and further increases the objectification of women within video games.


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