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My husband and I always like to know what is contained in each and every movie before we take our two children to go see it. I vividly remember going to see Forest Gump with my parents and it was awkward and uncomfortable to hear the sex scenes, and to see the naked scenes with my parents. That movie might be okay for some families, but it was not okay for OUR family. Because of that, I always like to check to see what sex scenes I will encounter, what drug and alcohol use are represented, what kind of language is used and what are the specific types of violence my children will be subjected to while watching a particular movie. If you are wondering these same things for you and your family, please go to:
This has been a great find, and I hope you all love it as much as I do. The added benefit is that it also has older movies on there that are being released to DVD in case you missed them in the movie theater! Happy Viewing!

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