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There are all different kinds of media filter products out there to help parents monitor their children’s media usage. There are DVD filters that can convert your everyday DVD to be viewed without violence, profanity, sexual content, etc. You can set your tolerance level and they will make sure and filter out the types of negative items that you don’t want your family viewing. This product will also allow you to see the DVD as is, too! There are channel blockers, and internet blockers. There are programmable remotes for your children so that they can only watch the stations that you program onto the remote, so they don’t happen to change the channel to an inappropriate show. There are also television filters (TVGuardian) so that you can watch your favorite shows without the “unwanted stuff”. I found an amazing website called I found this to be an informative website that had so many different products and options for those who want all different levels of filtering.

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