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Leapster and other hand-held devices that are geared towards children ages 4-7 have become a wonderful aid in helping mothers at doctor’s offices, long drives, airplane rides, etc. However is there a downfall to these types of devices? Should we, as parents, be questioning not only our children’s usage, but also the manipulation of our children by the video game industry? As much as I like having my child play a game for a few minutes while we are waiting in one of those dreaded doctor’s offices, I tend to also wonder if a child is ever too young to be using these electronic devices? I also wonder if you start them on these games at 4, where do you go from there!? Once they are hooked at four, then you are on the path of video games. Out comes the DS, the WII, the PlayStation 3, etc. It starts with alphabet games, but it ends up in such a different place. They can’t play Elmo’s counting game forever. They aren’t going to be satisfied with Grover’s alphabet surprise when they are 7 or 8. You will always be having to up the ante…isn’t that what the gaming industry is counting on?!

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