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The reason this article struck me as disgusting is because I feel as though there is a large portion of the American people that really have changed their moral and ethical code to support their video game usage. The author of this article was willing to put his child in compromising positions because he was unwilling to take responsibility for his irresponsibility in regards to his video game habit! There were so many things that were disturbing about this article ….the first being that his NINE YEAR OLD CHILD mentions not once but twice to his dad that he wants to kill and murder children is enough to call a psychologist in itself, but there is surprisingly more!!! He actually let his child play one of his games that he had never opened for an hour without supervision and as predicted his NINE YEAR OLD CHILD comes in to ask his dad what a used condom is because it is actually an item FOUND in the game! What a shocker! The rest of the article is so disturbing that I cannot fathom my child watching, witnessing, let alone taking part in this game that he describes. (dying men begging for life, dead babies, dogs called Wolf F***er, and MUCH MUCH more! I cannot understand a parent that parents in this fashion. How then as a society do we wonder how our children become so violent, so aggressive, and why things like bullying are at an all-time high. Is it them, is it the media, or is it us, the parents and other silent bystanders?!

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